Thursday, March 7, 2013

Favorite Drinks

We all know a good drink is necessary every now and then.  So what's your drink of choice?
I'm a maker's and diet coke girl in winter time.  The bourbon keeps you warm!  I also like jack daniels and ginger (thanks to my Mama).
Nothing, I mean nothing beats a good, well made Tanquerey and Tonic with a lime.  And like all liquor drinks, I like them strong.  At least half and half, if not more liquor than mixer.  Thank you Dad for teaching me how to make a drink.  It was one of the the very first things Kevin liked about me.  ;)
And we can't forget the classiest beverage of choice.  A cold Miller Lite.  And Mills' namesake! 
Of course I also like red wine in the winter and white wine in the summer.  I'm not picky on brands etc.  I'm a two buck chuck kinda gal.  Don't get me wrong, I like nice bottles of wine but I don't NEED them to survive. 
So there you have it.  Beverages.  Necessary.  Especially in the next month, necessary.  IF you know what I mean!


Kate said...

I'm a whiskey girl -- Love me a 7&7, a Jack and Coke and Jameson!

megan said...

I used to drink bourbon and coke in college. Should probably try to start that up again, or with ginger ale, since we got so much bourbon from our stock the bar party! I'm also not too picky about my wine brands. I can't tell the difference!

MCW said...

I'm a vodka soda and Coors Light kind of girl.

katclark88 said...

I'm a Fireball Whiskey kind of girl! Crown & Coke on occasion!

Dee Stephens said...

I am NOT a whiskey fan! YUCK! As much as I try other cocktails I always go back to my favorite.
Wine.. I like good wines though, no 2-buck chuck.
CakeBread, La Crema..
I also like champagne.
But.. when I do drink liquor it's generally vodka tonic or vodka redbull(when i REALLY get my party on)

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

My drinking tastes comes and goes like seasons. Was a big gin and tonic girl for awhile, then vodka tonic, now vodka water. Always have room for bubbly and wine.. Oh and beer. Hmmm I might have a problem.

The Mrs said...

I'm a whiskey girl too. Or bourbon. Especially at football games. :-)

Typically though, I have wine. I can do the cheapies, but like Dee, Cakebread is my FAVORITE!

I cannot do tequila or rum. ICK!