Friday, January 18, 2013

Mills' First Snow and Dinner Party

Last night we hosted another dinner party.  This time for our work crowd that gets together about once every other month!  Same menu as last Saturday...because I'm creative like that.  Or because I'm just glad there was food on the table?
It had rained all day long and our backyard was like a lake!  I had to breakout the boots I got with a gift card from bossman.  I was unsure about keeping them at first but now I'm obsessed.  I paired them with running pants and an old navy dress.  Low key and probably hideous but at least I was weather prepared for taking Mills out and comfortable.
Sweet Hadley came over.  Mills loved her!
Once Connor, Mariel, Susan, Knox, Christy and John left, it started snowing big flakes!
Mills would hardly walk down our back steps because he didn't understand snow.
But then it got really fun to catch the snowflakes as they fell!  See his snowflake collar that his Nannie and Poppa gave him?  We put it on him about an hour before it started snowing last night.  Clearly that's what did it!
We stayed outside for the whole 15 minutes that it snowed!  Mills had so much fun hopping around.
Watching with Daddy!
Since it was also the first snow in our home, yall know I had to take pictures.
This one is this morning. 
The neighborhood was really pretty!  Looks like a scene out of a magazine.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Any big plans?


Kate said...

You got SO much more snow than we did! We had the huge chunks last night, but nothing stuck. It was kinda pathetic... Your home looks beautiful covered in white!!

Mariel said...

WOW I can't believe y'all had so much snow! I don't even think it snowed at our house. Driving home up Providence, it snowed like crazy so I was hoping. Thanks so much for hosting, it was an awesome dinner!

Dee Stephens said...

I'm not sure it even snowed here! If it did nothing stuck :(
Love how you're hosting so much at your house. That's what you do when you move to the burbs and still want to hang and party but not have to spend $50 on cab from Uptown!!

megan said...

The snow looks so pretty! But I've got to admit, I'm glad it rarely snows here. :) Mills, of course, is cute as always!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

First snow for Mills and your new exciting!