Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Kevin and I Started

Once upon a time, there was a 36 story condo building called The Avenue in uptown Charlotte being built, starting in 2005.  Of the 386 units, Kevin and I each bought one pre-construction.  We didn't know each other at this point and I don't think we met until we moved into the building in November 2007.  Kevin claims we met at one of the "get to know your neighbors parties."  Hmm! 

You see, I was not even going to move in.  I was going to buy a house and flip my condo to make some money (oh la la - looking back, that would have been a great idea, but I wouldn't have met Kevin!).  And guess what - Kevin wasn't going to move in either - he was going to flip his too. 

But - we both decided to close and move to the Avenue.  We live a floor apart and on the lower floors, therefore we moved in before most others.  We were 2 of about 10 people that lived in the building the first month.

Okay let's back up for a moment.  I used to work with a guy named Brett.  Brett's (then fiance) Emily worked with a girl named Wendy.  Wendy was dating a guy named Josh.  Brett and Emily got married in October of 2007.  You folllowing along here?  Wendy and Josh went to their wedding in New York.  I did too.  Brett and Emily knew all three of us were about to live at the Avenue together so they introduced us.  Kevin did not exist to any of us at this time. 

So, back to Kevin and I both closing on our units in the first week of November 2007.  The Avenue held a party on November 29, 2007 for all the current residents.  Kevin had amazingly met Josh and Wendy (he knows everyone in the building, I swear).  He talks to EVERYONE in the elevator -- still to this day!  
Our first picture - even before we started dating!  December 2008
Yes, we all hung out on that night in late November.  Kevin remembers me clearly (he claims) - we both had tabs from Stool Pigeons that night (looking back - why didn't he buy my drink, haha, joking - sorta?!!), he remembered me calling my Dad from Stool Pigeons.  I checked my phone bill and I had.  A big group of us all started hanging out and playing trivia on the common area floor, going out for dinner etc.  Kevin was in that group.  So was I.  And so was the guy I started dating in late December 2007.  
Within the first month of dating. 
You read that right.  I wasn't smart for the first 15 months of knowing Kevin.  :)  But looking back, it all worked out for the right reasons! 
One of our first pictures together at Alive After Five.
Okay now we're onto March of 2009.  Basil (the Thai restaurant) at the bottom of our building was hosting a party for Avenue residents only before their grand opening the following night.  That is where Kevin found out that I wasn't dating the other guy any more.  We started hanging out then.
This is the only picture I have from that night at Basil. Wendy, me, Kim
So we call April 3rd as our official date (which was when he took me back to Basil for dinner) but we started 'dating' mid March.

And that's my story!


DSS said...

OMG...I know people who bought a condo there as an investment!! I don't know why it's just now hit me that I know your building :) They don't live there though.

AND...what a cute story! Isn't it crazy how things work out sometimes?!?!?

Lexilooo said...

love it!

Katie said...

too cute!! It all works out when its meant to!

Maryland Magnolia said...

Cute story! And y'all make a cute couple :)

April a.k.a. "A. Liz" said...

So dang cute. :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

What an adorable story--I love it! I always love hearing about couples met, the stories are always so different and sweet!

erin - heart in ireland said...

that is such a cute story! and funny since you both planned to flip it, but both are still living there! thanks for sharing :)

{av} said...

what an incredibly sweet story--I spent almost three years in Charlotte visiting my {now} husband when we were long distance! I loved it! we were in the wedding of a couple who met much like you and Kevin did...they lived one floor apart in their condo building in Dilworth!

I miss Charlotte desperately--hoping to get my fix through your blog! xoxo {av}

Dating is My Hobby said...

So cute! I love "how we met" stories. Funny that you knew each other for a while before dating too!

Kate said...

What a crazy, wacky story you two have! Fate I tell ya, true fate!!