Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Couple Special Items

Well let me tell you all a little bit about my parents.  They are very special people and always go way out of their way for us kids.....like really out of their way.

When I went home last week, I had a couple special things waiting on me. 

The first was from my Mama.  These are all original recipes and boxes from her mother - Nannie.  Some are also in there from my Mom.  What a keepsake!  I've already gone through a box of them....some ollllldddd recipes!  Love things passed down like this!
And second, is a special something from my Dad.  He made this wine holder below.  How cool is that?!  He saw it in a woodworking magazine and decided to make a few of them.  

So there is some significance behind it.  If you look closely at the top, you can see there is a different kind of wood in the middle of two darker pieces.  The two darker pieces (cherry) are from a craddle that he made for Anna Kate when she was a baby.  The interior (oak) piece is from a chest of drawers that he made for my SIL and I.  One Christmas he made us each one.   
As you can tell, he is quite the woodworker and enjoys doing it in his spare time.  He's very talented!

I just had to brag on my parents today!  ;)

Any stories of things your parents have done (said, made or special items given to you) that you'll always remember? 


Dee Stephens said...

That's awesome! Love old recipes. My Mom is always doing and buying little things. My MIL is the same way.
Two of a kind.

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Such a fabulous way to cheerish your family recipes.

Tell your father he should open a etsy shop! He's very talented, I almost thought it was a Nambe piece. They have quite a few wood inspired pieces out right now.

Have a great day!

Maryland Magnolia said...

Those keepsakes are so special! How sweet of your parents :)

Your dad is super talented, Annie! Love the wine holder :)

Dating is My Hobby said...

That's sweet! My dad makes those wine holders too!

DSS said...

How special! I would treasure those recipes for sure :)

My dad used to do woodworking as well, to relieve stress he said. Anyway, my coffee table in one that he made and I just love it. He also made me a blanket chest. Those two pieces will NEVER not be in my home :) Hang on those those things girlie. My dad is gone now, and every time I look at either of those pieces I know he is still with me.

Have a great weekend!