Friday, June 9, 2017

Five on Friday - Pony, Trip, Lilly

I'm attempting to take two days off of work and be in Maryland with my parents but it isn't working out the best on that first part! ;)  It's fine and I really don't mind.  I have two projects that I'm trying to get through permitting to start construction in the next few weeks so it's a busy time.  Gotta move them along!

Anyway, here are a few things we've been up to this week!

Her first pony tail!  Ahhhhhhhhh!  She looks like she's 5 here!  


Someone has been all up in Mills' biz checking on his "boo boos!"  His head is looking a lot better.  

I decided this time to book the night flight that leaves after Molly Anne's bedtime.  We've done it traveling in the morning, afternoon and evening and I really do think evening is best.  She's more low-key.  

Another good idea when you travel with children - wine!  Just saying...!  It really does assist you in making better parenting decisions, I swear! 

She was so good while we waited for the flight and then we boarded the plane.  Girlfriend marched right up that ramp and barely looked back for me.  She got on the plane, walked to the back, jumped right in her seat and put her seatbelt on by herself.  Then said loudly, "MAMA SEATBELT!"  Thank you Molly Anne.

Cool shot of uptown Charlotte!

All the essentials for a flight - iPad, headphones, goldfish and water bottle!  This child didn't move for two hours and was so good.  Couldn't believe she didn't fall asleep.  And yes, it was wonderful scoring an extra seat for her that I didn't pay for.  Gotta just ask!

We landed on Wednesday night at 10pm and got off the plane and Molly Anne acted like an old pro again.  We walked together to get our stroller but I didn't put her in it.  Instead, she ran into the airport and my parents were right there.  She screamed NANNIE POPPA!  It was adorable.  I wish I had it on video but it was fun to enjoy in the moment instead.  She stayed up until 10:45pm then crashed! 

This print from Lilly came out yesterday and I ordered it instantly.  I have found that all of the popular prints sell out so I got these quickly.  Here is the link to my dress and here is the link to Molly Anne's dress!

Our electrician ended up starting work on the house yesterday so I drew on our floor plan where we wanted outlets, can lights and fans.  It was kind of a mess.  I keep hearing to do more outlets than you think you need.  Any other electrical advice?

One other thing...
My friend keeps telling me that I need to do a post on how I keep up a career, travel for work and be Mom.  Is there any interest in this?  I don't think I do anything that is really crazy interesting but maybe it would help one mom?

Another post question...
Would you all be interested in hearing how I travel with Molly Anne by myself?  It really isn't that interesting either but I think I have it down pat?! 

Chat soon friends!


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

That pony tail... all the heart eyes!! Yay for a good travel buddy. We fly to Michigan next month and I'm so nervous about graham! jack does fine but G is so unpredictable!! Love that Lilly print. Hope y'all have a great weekend with your parents!

Unknown said...

I am about to become a mom (July)...and will continue to work. Honestly, seeing that you work and are so busy, but balanced, gives me inspiration that my husband and I can do it too. I would love a post on how you keep up a career, travel for work, and be a Mom.

Kathryn D. said...

Yes, please do a working mom post. Thank you!

Maureen Callahan said...

Yes! Hearing stories on how it is all managed helps us all and gives us motivation!

Caitlin said...

Yes to both!!

Leslie said...

Aww, MA is looking so big with her ponytail and travel adventures! I love the dresses you got, and I think that those would be fun posts!

MHM1314 said...

YES on travel! We may fly out to see J's parents this summer and I'm already sweating thinking of all the crap we have to lug with us for a 6 month old....