Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

Weekend was good and busy!  On Friday we had Thanksgiving at our office.  I brought Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes. Totally calorie free ha!

That afternoon when I got home, Mills and I played and played.  We went to Hawthornes pizza for dinner with Kevin's parents.  

Saturday I had plans with my friend Kimmy.  We grabbed a bagel at Owens.  She and I had to plan it a month ahead of time just to be able to get together.  Kevin worked alllll day.  That night we went up to Brad and Shauna's home for a few drinks then went to Midwood Smokehouse.  We love hanging out with them. They are the sweetest couple. The older I get the more I'm interested in only hanging with people we both really like and WANT to hang with.  Anyone feel the same? The guys cackled all night long...just as old friends do. Probably good we sat on their enclosed patio. 

Sunday I went to the grocery store early for a big run before all the thanksgiving crazies got there. We had a lazy day until a birthday party at 5 for our niece Kendall. 

We went to Bad Daddys then had cupcakes and ice cream at Kevin's parents house.  We gave her an easel for her artistic creations and also elf on the shelf.  I think her mama was most excited about the elf and the good behavior to come. 

We loved celebrating the birthday girl turning 3!

Here's to a short week!


Portuguese Prepster said...

ooo that office Thanksgiving sounds good!

Shauna said...

We had fun with you both! Did you like the Lacroix?

Tess said...

Fun weekend - and Mills gets me everytime. What a cute!

PostgradPrep said...

That Thanksgiving Potluck looks amazing! I had to run to the store for a few things yesterday and it was filled with last minute Thanksgiving shoppers! I hope you have a wonderful Monday to start off your short work week!

Randi said...

Y'all always have the best weekends! Good for you! Happy Thanksgiving Week friend!

MCW said...

Look at those booties! You little trendsetter :) Look so cute!