Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Update

How do you store your murfees?

Love Sweaty Bands.  Got a new one at Nordstrom this week which was highly necessary.  I've been having to do laundry because I didn't have any more clean.  They're the only thing that stay on my head and keep my hair back.  Cannot exercise without them.

Made a tomato pie for dinner this week.  Kevin didn't like it but he doesn't like anything new haha.  He had cereal for dinner instead.  I think he had it in his head before he even tasted it.

When Kevin gets tired of his new office space, maybe he can move it into a gas station.  I saw this near Dallas this week.

Pretty roses that Mills and I picked from the rose garden in our yard.

Happy Thursday!


Miss Southern Prep said...

It cracks me up that the State Farm office is attached to a 7-11 haha! I'm still trying to figure out how to store my Murfees as my collection grows! I have them hanging on a hanger in my closet, but I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm always worried one will snag on something and rip!

KW said...

I fold and roll my Murfees (and all other scarves) and store in a pretty hat box in it's side on.mTop shelf of closet. That way I can see them all.

Just hit Lilly sale at my OBX shop this AM -50 off fall dress and a tank :)

Dee Stephens said...

I recently started storing my murfees in a drawer.
I love sweaty bands too :)

Shauna said...

We had tomato pie growing up in NY but it looked very different. Similar to a cold pizza but with the sauce on top of the cheese. What's in your version?

linda said...

Your roses are stunning! They are very happy where they're planted.
-Linda, ny

Ashley W said...

My Murfee Miracle;

Seriously, belts, murfees, etc. Also, I found that a belt hanger works great for headbands!!

teamaldrich said...

I need to try Sweaty Bands: Lulu bands slip off my BIG head! Your Murfees are gorgeous and I looooove the roses. (All my scarves are rolled into a closet drawer.)