Monday, June 9, 2014

Work Parties

 Hope you all had a nice weekend!

On Friday Mills got down and dirty in the yard, acting like a maniac.  Kevin and I finally got inside in time to get ready to take Uber up to my bossman's home for a fancy outdoor dinner.

Look at this sweet pooch bossman's dog.  You may remember that Mills and Heidi played together when Mills was a really young pooch.  See post here.  She and Mills share the same Dad but Heidi is 7 and Mills is not even 2.  You know Mills asked us to give her a lil wrapped package of goodies!  She loved them!  We had the most amazing dinner out back in their yard that belongs in a magazine.

Saturday morning came early but I went over to Home Goods as they opened and found this lil gem.  I've been looking for a stool for my vanity area for a long time and this was it.  Very Pottery Barn-ish if you ask me.

Saturday evening we invited Kevin's parents over for pizza and to play the card game Spades.  It was a fun night but I think what truly topped it off was all 5 of us (including Mills) piling into my car and going to TCBY for yogurt! Haha!

Sunday was a rainy day so my buddy and I hung on the couch after Flywheel with Tara and some errands.

We had Supper Club on Sunday night with my work people and we were supposed to go out on a boat on Lake Norman but it got canceled due to storms.  Instead we got together at Christy and John's and admired their amazing backyard all night.  The ladies..

The guys...

Great times, great friends, great weekend! 


Dee Stephens said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I wanted to do Pops in the Park but the storms deterred me.

MCW said...

Spades! I haven't played that since high school, but I remember loving it. Pretty sure we turned it into a drinking game.

Emma Newell said...

I LOVE that stool!! HomeGoods is amazing! I bet it looks great in your home! xo,