Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sarah's Baby Shower

What a fabulous time we had celebrating Sarah and her baby Gigi!

Lisa at Paper Twist is responsible for the perfect invitations that were designed based on inspiration from Gigi's nursery.  The leftover cards were printed for stationery for Sarah to use so we changed the monogram from Gigi's on the invitation to Sarah's for the leftover cards.

I was excited to use our china from our wedding.  I'll have you tell you all the history behind my china some day.  Special.

I had a big time putting together the flowers.  Look at that cake that Elizabeth brought!

Drink station - lemonade, mimosas etc.

I put all of the food on our dining room table.  And forgot to light the candles.  Sorry Mom, one thing I forgot.  My Mom helped me so much from 500 miles away...I literally talked to her every 15 minutes from Friday night until the shower at noon on Sunday.  Ha!  Not really but sort of!

The donuts in this below vase cracked me up.  McGee told me to do that and I thought it was the cutest idea.  Dunkin Donuts of course for my New England girl Sarah!

Fruit, veggies, olives, caprese salad, all made by Katie.

Chicken salad on lettuce cups, mini croissants.

Elizabeth made all of these cookies.  She needs to go into business!

The complete table.  Oh how I love those peonies with hydrangeas.  They were gorgeous (if I do say so myself!).  

And thank you Fran for the amazing Matouk table runner!  Obsessed!

We munched then watched Sarah open her gifts.

She got so many nice things.  Lots of monograms!

Sarah, Me, Katie, April

Sarah's sister, Bitsy and I with Mills.  He joined the party at the end.  That was the first thing Sarah said when she walked in our house...where's Mills?!  She loves her Goldens!

Hostesses with the Mama!  Me, Elizabeth, Sarah and Katie.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Gigi's arrival and can't wait for her to be born!  She's a lucky girl to have Sarah and Mike as parents!


Portuguese Prepster said...

looks so fun and adorable!

Shauna said...

What an adorable shower! The flowers turned out beautiful.

My Life as A Plate said...

What a gorgeous shower! The food spread is amazing, and I love the flowers.

The Chardonnay Kitchen said...

What a beautiful shower! (And I love that the New England girl gets her Dunkin :P)

Dee Stephens said...

Those cookies!!!!!!!!

Miss Southern Prep said...

What a beautiful shower! I love your table runner!! And peonies and hydrangeas are my favorite!

Angie Pirok said...

Love the table runner. Would you mind sharing where you found it. Online, I hope.

megan said...

Super cute shower. Your friend really does need to go into the cookie business. That little pink car is adorable, too!

Pamela said...

The car! How adorable!!! Such a cute shower!

Whitney said...

Y'all did a fabulous job! You can't top peonies and hydrangeas!!

Navia said...

I love your table runner. The color goes with everything.