Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I had never ordered from Piperlime before and I have placed three orders in the past two weeks now.  Their free shipping and free returns makes life very easy.  If a company is going to give me a FedEx or UPS slip to send what doesn't work back to them and all I have to do is walk it up to our receptionists desk, count me in.
They always have a coupon code (on top of already reasonable prices) and the best part is that not everyone has all of their dresses and clothes.  They have different items which I'm always glad for.  You can also sort by price, color etc (a lot like Nordstrom's website).  Love it.  
My favorite brands are Collective Concepts, Everly and Amanda Uprichard.



Shauna said...

I love that coral top! My biggest complaint with online shopping is having to take things back (I end up keeping things I don't really love) so I will have to check out PL.

MCW said...

I never order clothes online. I always end up returning them it feels like. But those are so cute!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Piperlime has so much on the site that it's sometimes overwhelming to me! Maybe if I play around with the filters though, I'll like it better! Love the designers you mentioned!