Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Random Wednesday

Life from my iPhone over the past couple of weeks.

Onesies for my bestest's new lil boy!

Life on the road by yourself.

Got to see my cousins in Richmond a couple of weeks ago when I had a spare hour for lunch.  Such a treat!

Ate at a Whataburger last week.  First time ever.  Typical fast food, nothing crazy.

Surprise in the mail from my parents!  LOVE it!  I felt like a kid again!  Packages from your parents never get old.

Get comfy Mills, get comfy.  Your life is SO hard.

I Facetimed with my Dad when I was ON A PLANE 35,000' above!  Talk about craziness via WiFi.  I took this pic just as we hung up.  The voice wasn't clear but we could see each other.

That's all I've got today.  


Jess said...

Great necklace! Awesome job Mom!

Love the onsies!

MCW said...

I don't mind a good dinner with a glass of wine alone once in awhile.
Face time on a plane?!? Who knew.

mFw said...

The best thing at whataburger is their honey butter chicken bisquit for breakfast or late night.

A Texas Gal said...

I agree with mFW - honey butter chicken biscuit at 3AM- SO good. But as a Texan - I love me some Whataburger!

Erin R said...

Packages from moms are ALWAYS a day maker! Also, random but I love your green couch pillow.

Anonymous said...

Love the monogramed onesie - how adorable!

And I'm not usually a fan of statement jewelry, but I love that green necklace from J.Crew. It's so pretty :)

Dee Stephens said...

FaceTime on the plane? Were the people around you like WTF??!! LOL!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Love that necklace! I have a similar hair color to yours and always get compliments when I wear green, so I'm sure it will look fab on you! And those onesies are SO cute!

Rachel said...

So true about packages from parents! Nothing beats a fun surprise in the mail from my mom!