Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Honeymoon Recap

I'm going to recap our honeymoon before the wedding because I don't want to forget any details.  Don't worry, the wedding is still very much in my head and I won't forget anything!  In fact, I may keep swapping back and forth.  Who knows.  I'll do a few days of Maui at a time.

Oh and I'll probably include details that you all may not care too much about but I just want them there so I always remember our honeymoon!

We landed last Tuesday, April 9th at 3:30pm.  Let's just say this, waiting until Tuesday to leave was AMAZING.  We spent time with family on Sunday and Monday I had time to get my act together.  Tuesday we left.  Perfect timing.

We flew on US Air with my miles.  I'm ridiculous about flying anyway and if I'm going to Hawaii on our honeymoon, I'm going first class.  Why not?!  One stop over in Phoenix and we were on our way straight into Maui.  We had an hour bus ride to the hotel which we rode in one of those van shuttles.  It was easy.

This is what we saw when we entered the Ritz to check in.  Gorgeous.

Front of the hotel.

They upgraded us to a suite and had a bottle of champagne waiting on us.  PS - blogger isn't working with my side pictures.  I just want to get them up though so just turn your head ha!

That night we tried our best to stay awake and go out to dinner.  We went at about 5:45 to Sansei which is a sushi place right near the Ritz.  It was amazing.  And I look like death in the below picture.  Keep in mind it was 5:45 Hawaii time and we felt like it was almost midnight...and we had just had a crazy weekend.

Their signature tuna roll and shrimp dynamite.

You'll see a trend here that I ate A LOT of tuna while over there.  I'm obsessed.

The next morning we were up bright and early and walked around the Ritz property.  It is truly stunning.  And PS - this is the United States!!!

We laid by the pool all day and had drinks and made friends.  It was just what we needed to do after the crazy week before!

That night we got dressed and took a cab down to Kannapali Beach/Whaler's Village to have dinner at Hula Grill just in time for sunset.  We had some time to kill so we went into some shops.  I had been in a beachy shop while Kevin went to look at the jewelry and watch store next door.  When I walked in there, he was in discussions over a Rolex.  Ummmm I had to put the hammer down.  Yall he was going to buy that thing.  He was nuts!  They did let me try on a $60,000 necklace in the below picture!

Back to Hula Grill and out of Kevin's dream world.

Perfect dinner of tuna sashimi and a mai tai.  Feet in the sand.  Watching the sunset!

It was gorgeous out there.

The next day (Thursday) we jumped in a red mustang convertible and road around the raw parts of Maui.  If we saw a lil pullover that looked cool, we got out and took in the views.

That's the Ritz on the left side in the middle of the picture.

Then we went to Wailea and checked out the other hotels - Four Seasons, Grand Wailea (Waldorf) and Fairmont.  We were still glad we stayed at the Ritz.  

On the way back we stopped at a little general store and this juice stand.

We picked up some nuts and Kevin got a coconut pineapple juice and I got a strawberry banana one.

We ended up in Old Town Lahaina and went to Kimos for lunch.  They treated us to the famous Hula Pie after Kevin had a pork sandwich and I had tuna on a salad.  But yall this dessert was with every calorie!!!  And no we didn't finish it.

Turn your head right - this is us in old town Lahaina.

We headed back to the hotel and showered up.  We had a drink in the lobby of the hotel (this became our ritual).  Kevin would go down there and tell me that when I was ready to come down and not to rush.  I liked this!  

Then we went to my first Luau - Feast de Lele.  This was the view:

Kevin and I.  This is my favorite picture of us from the trip.

They had the tables set up on different levels so everyone could see.  We tried to get into this Luau and couldn't so we asked the Ritz concierge and she hooked us up.  Of course we had the center table.  That's just how the Ritz rolls.

HUSBAND!  He's crazy!

This luau was a five course meal all served.  Not a buffet.  I liked that it wasn't a buffet.  They served a course then did the performance for that culture.  It was cool!

And then the sun set and it got dark!

She was super sweet!

I loved these orchids at the hotel.  I told Kevin that he matched haha.

So that was Tuesday until Thursday.  Maybe next time I'll do Friday and Saturday then one more of Sunday and Monday.  I'm back on the road tomorrow for work (no better time than the present to be even more confused time zone wise!).  I'll catch up with yall when I can! :)  Thank you for reading all about our big couple of weeks!


Sundresses and Smiles said...

YOU'RE MARRIED!!! Wooohooo!!

Loved looking through these! You looked great..I especially love the outfit with the blue top and that necklace was beautiful with it, but $60,000, crazy!? I also love that y'all allowed some flexibility, stopping wherever you felt like! And finally, I want some hula pie!!

Life with Elizabeth said...


It looks like you had a great start to your honeymoon - isn't Maui amazing?! I liked the Lahaina/Kaabapali area so much. That hula pie looks delicious and you look so golden in these pics. Can't wait to read about the rest if your trip.

Ashley said...

I've ever been to Hawaii but want to go so badly! It looks like yall had an amazing trip. Your dresses are all so cute!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oooh I love love that pic of you two at the luau too! I am so glad y'all flew first. A few years ago I went to Hawaii for my bests wedding and did not and I will never go again if I can't fly first class. 12 hours is a l o n g flight. It looks like y'all had a perfect trip!


Brooke said...

I've been to that restaurant too, with the sand! It's so beautiful, the view! I think I have that same sunset shot in my photo album!

Your pictures look like you had a wonderful time! Congrats!


megan said...

Looks so nice! I love that y'all were adventurous..we just sat on our butts and ate/drank the whole time.

Dee Stephens said...

Looks amazing! You'll be so glad you recapped everything from your honeymoon on here. I know I am, I still look back at my 3-posts sometimes just to reflect :)
Love that picture of you two, I would get it blown up for your new home! :)

Portuguese Prepster said...

looks incredible! I would love to be there right now!

Glitterista said...

I adore your printed maxi, and that picture of the two of you at Hula Grill is definitely frame-worthy. Glad you had such an amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip! Hawaii just looks divine. :)