Friday, May 13, 2011

Seal Team Six Book

I'm not a big reader.  In fact, I basically only read blogs, magazines and the newspaper...much to my Mother's dismay.  I've just always been more of a numbers person rather than a reader. 

Anyway I heard about this book on the radio and went to get it on Wednesday.  I thought it would be a good plane book since I get soooo bored on the plane.  My ipod is only so exciting!

I get big into investigations and think the seals are super fascinating.  I know this book had nothing to do with the timing of the seals killing Osama but it's made me more into it all.  The training that the seals go through is crazy and I can't wait to read more about it. 

Do you like books like this?  I know it isn't really girly but oh well!  We all like different things, right?!


Sundresses and Smiles said...

I've never read a book like this, but I bet it's interesting. Occasionally, I'll buy more "academic" books that sound interesting to me, but I never get through them...I'd rather read a funny, easy book, ha!

Coastal Blue Ocean said...

Hello Anne,

I hope you have a wondeful time in Boston.

My husband loves to read anything about the Seals. We're going to
have to pick this one up.

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Upon a Dream.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Beth Dunn said...

After what happened with Bin Laden I may read a book like that. xoxo

CHH said...

Hello Anne,
Have you made any progress with the book?

I was wondering what you thought.

Thank you.


Coastal Blue Ocean