Monday, March 11, 2019

Grady is 10 months!

Grady turned 10 months on Saturday!  In some ways it's hard to believe.  In other ways, I can definitely believe it haha!

1.  He was 24 pounds and 12 ounces on Tuesday at the pediatrician (24lb6oz/91% at his well check a few weeks ago).  He was 29” long at his 9 month well check (67%). Wearing size 5 diapers, 24m rompers, 18m pajamas and 12m or 18m shirt/pants. 

2. I stopped giving him his reflux medicine Thursday 2/28. He is sitting up a lot better and can roll over now so that’s all helping his reflux.  I could tell the first few days he didn’t have the medicine that he got the hiccups more often and spit up a couple of times but overall, I think it was time to stop the medicine.  He had been on it since 8 weeks!  I’m glad we are over that hump for him.  

3.  On February 21st, we started doing breathing treatments for his lungs to hopefully let him get croup less often. So far I think they’ve helped. The reason we started them is because we had an inkling his croup was starting up for the 4th time since November.  This nipped it and we didn’t have to give him the steroid which was a good thing. I don’t want him living on steroids at 10 months old. Technically this breathing treatment is a steroid but it goes right to his lungs, and not into his bloodstream.  I’m going to be honest, it’s not easy to hold a 10 month old still for the longest 5-7 minutes ever but it’s worth it.  He’s getting more used to it as well.  

4.  So yes, this month he finally rolled over.  Thank you physical therapy for making that happen faster than it typically would have for this big bubba.  I’m going to be honest - he’s been doing PT since July when he was 10 weeks and it’s been a tough balance for me to enjoy him being a baby and to make sure he’s hitting milestones as he should. This time I know how fast babies grow up and I am trying to savor every moment because I know he is my last.  I try to trust the professionals but the pediatrician has a different opinion than the physical therapist and then I’m just here in the middle trying to do what I think is best for my child!  So we are continuing to go because it’s only every other week (normally) and I’m kind of operating under the “better safe than sorry” policy. 

5.  There’s been a bit of guilt on my part for me not just staying home with Grady because he’d have less germs to create croup, I’d be able to work with him physically more and in general I think Grady needs a bit more attention than a daycare setting.  But we are moving along and Grady is just on the slower side of doing things and every doctor I talk to says that’s okay. There’s this wide range and some children are over here and Grady is over there but they’re all in the range and will be fine. Let’s be honest, Grady is going to learn how to say Mama some day and he will do all of the things.  I must be patient. Also, it’s going to be a hot summer of carrying my big buddy around because I guarantee this boy won’t walk until 18 months.  We shall see!  It will all work out. 

6.  This month his little personality has really come out!  He’s become quite verbal and has found his voice. On March 6th he kinda sorta said dada.  I’m not counting his first words until they're Mama!!  He is sitting really well and now we are working on side sitting so he can get into the crawling position. I know a lot of parents don’t like when their children are on the move but I do!   He’s going to be a hoot when he starts moving!

7.  He loves Mills (a lot!) and lets him lick his face constantly. Mills loves Grady but especially now that a lot of food falls on the floor!

8.  His schedule is - an 8 ounce bottle at 7am, breakfast around 8:15a, nap 9-11, 8 ounce bottle at 11, lunch at 12, nap 1-3ish, snack, dinner at 5:15p, bath at 6:15p, 9 ounce bottle, books and bed by 6:45p.  He’s been waking up around 6:30a but I usually don’t get him until 7.  He’s happy as a lark rolling and playing in his crib.  

9.  He is into playing with wheels lately. Any wheel, he loves it. He has some John Deere tractors that Uncle Clay and Aunt Emily gave him for Christmas and those are his favorite at the moment!  

10.  Grady is very much a go with the flow boy. He loves watching and listening to Molly Anne. He idolizes her and the feeling is mutual.  She lovesssssssss him!  Last summer was a little nuts with potty training her and the transition to a new school but I’m starting to forget those times. Because their little relationship is so amazing and sweet now!  

He has little curls all over his head and they're really prominent when he's out of the bath.  If we don't brush his hair then, the next day his hair is wild!  

That’s our Grady at 10 months!  We love him dearly and I personally think he’s the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen! ;)

She always likes to have her picture taken when I do Grady's!  


MCW said...

He is the cutest! And he will hit his milestones. Just takes some a little longer then others. My brother was a college lacrosse player, but didn't walk until he was 2...mainly because I carried him everywhere and he liked it. Ha.

Brandi said...

My girl didn't walk until she was 15 months and didn't talk great until almost 3. My girl is 3.5 now and runs, talks non stop and is the sweetest most kind social child around. He'll do it when hes ready but I know its hard not to worry especially when your first hit every milestone and surpassed them! Enjoy the moments and try not to worry - as you know it goes so quick!

Leslie said...

He is so cute! I’m glad he’s off the reflux meds, and it seems like he’s doing better with the steroids too! I wouldn’t worry too much about milestones; it can make you so crazy, and is really such a waste of energy. He is who he is, and it’s a wonder to see how he grows!

Ally- Life as I know it said...

Grady could not be any cuter! Its so hard not to worry about the millstones especially when your first was textbook! Elsie has been slower with hers too but I remind myself she was born 3 weeks early and she's not Oliver! She's her own person and she may never crawl just roll until she walks and that's fine! Although my mom said she crawled twice today but I have yet to see it! Isn't so neat having one of each? I love being able to experience raising a boy and a girl!

Annsterw said...

So adorable and sweet he is! Hugs! Annster's Domain