Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quick Check In

Thanks for all of your comments on our color palette yesterday! 

The first picture (the big swatch) is actually the same color as the top two pieces in the second picture. 

In the second picture - the top two - one is silk shantung and the other is silk dupioni.  We're using the silk shantung which has fewer natural flaws.  We just thought on a whole dress, the dupioni would have been a lot (for what we are looking for). 

So I agree that we couldn't go wrong with any of the choices, they're all beautiful but the emerald-ish/blue-ish is just going to be striking for a Spring, Uptown Charlotte, evening wedding.  I think the light corals will compliment it well and be a little different. ....which is exactly what I want our wedding to be!

Well I have finally gotten to my parents home for good and will be here through Monday.  I'm thrilled to spend some time with them!  Hope you all enjoy the Easter weekend with your friends and family!  :)

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