Friday, September 4, 2009

Tara's Birthday and Panthers Game

Emily who is one of Tara's very good friends from Clemson, organized a surprise get together for Tara's birthday. We all met at Bentleys on 27 for drinks then everyone went to dinner. I had to skip dinner because Kevin and I had Panthers tickets. We joined back up with everyone for some late night beverages. It was a blast! B, Lauren, Emily, Tara, Emily, Kelly and Kristen.
Kevin and I at the Panther's game. We also sat with his parents who were very close to the field. These were the free tickets Kevin got from work. We enjoyed being able to see the plays they were running.

All the ladies at Blackfinn. Blackfinn and I are in a fight today. They overserved me AGAIN!
Kev and I are off to Charleston for the weekend. We plan to go to the beach all day then go to fun restaurants and bars at night! We are SO excited!

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