Monday, September 25, 2023

New Bike and a Soccer Goal

Friday after school we played at the neighborhood playground and about 10 other moms and kids showed up. It ended up being an extra fun time. We had breakfast for dinner that night and got in bed super early. Grady was exhausted. I remember these very tired Fridays from when Molly Anne was in Kindergarten!

Saturday morning soccer and he scored his first goal!

Kevin took Molly Anne on a daddy daughter date since they missed the dance at our club last weekend. That gave Grady and I some time to hang out which is always super fun for me. First we did some errands then traded his 12" bike in for a big boy 20" bike. Thank you Nannie and Poppa for his birthday present!

Kevin took Molly Anne to iFly and they pretended to skydive in the big tube. They loved it!

Then he took her to Porters House for a fancy dinner!

Grady and I went over to our club for dinner.

And he showed them his bike skills when we all got home!

Sunday morning churching. They matched so I had to take a pic!

Some more bike riding in the hood!

Then we were the goofballs at the pool for the second to last weekend that it's open. It was cool water but it was hot outside. My kids did not care and loved having a fun afternoon!

We ended up at our next door neighbors pool for about an hour then Kevin grilled us sliders for dinner. 

It was a low key easy weekend! Today is a teacher work day which is always a good time on a Monday when we are trying to work. Splitting the day and we'll figure it out. 


  1. Love those chances to have some one on one time with each kiddo - so tricky sometimes but always worth it!