Friday, September 29, 2023

Five on Friday

1. Monday night I decorated for Fall. Little early for my taste as I usually prefer Summer 365 days a year. I did something different this year. I put my big bin of decor out and let the kids pick out of it to decorate their rooms. They LOVED this!! You can see some of what Molly Anne did to Grady's room in this pic! He had some opinions but in typical boy fashion let her run the show!

2. Also this week I changed all of the air filters in the house. Got my ladder out and went to town. Always good to get that knocked out. 

3. Last year I picked up similar sheets on sale after Halloween for the kids. They glow in the dark. They freaked out when they got home one day this week and they were on their beds. PS - Molly Anne LOVES when I mess with her bed and arrange her things all cute!

She still is rocking my coverlet that I had when I was growing up. She loves it! The right side of her room is alllll American girl!

4. Mills got another good report at the doctor this week. Next visit is X-rays in early November but he is doing great and is so happy. A HUGE win!

5. The kids are loving tennis lessons. Makes my tennis loving heart happy. I like tennis for them so much because one it's a life sport meaning they can play until they're much older and only need one person to play with (not a team). And two because it's a great way to learn ball/hand/eye coordination which will benefit them with any sport they end up playing. As long as they like it, I'm good with it! We can only guide them and give them opportunities then let them decide!

Happy Weekend!!

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