Monday, November 1, 2010

Friday night

As you all know, my parents flew into town on Friday for the weekend!

We went to Mary Jo's fabric store in Gastonia.  The place is massive!  Mom wanted to get fabric for her dining room chairs....and she found a great color/pattern.

That night we went to Cajun Queen in the Elizabeth area for dinner.  Here are my cute parents!
 Out in front of the restaurant...Kevin took the picture!
We headed to the Southpark area to join a surprise party for a couple of our friends from Avenue at Taco Mac.  Their boyfriends/fiances planned it for them and they were SO surprised. 
Mom got to hold Wendy and Josh's lil girl Brooklyn but it was way past her bed time so she was ready to go home!  Isn't she presch though?
 The birthday girls - Jen and Heather!
We headed back uptown to get in the bed for our early morning 5K run at the airport!  More to come on Saturday's festivities....


  1. Mary Jo's is awesome!! Your parents are so cute! Glad you had a wonderful weekend visiting with them and also good friends. Love & blessings from NC!