Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Convo with Kevin, Lunch with Suz

Yesterday I went to the mall during lunch to try on some jeans.  I wasn't thrilled with the size I had, despite the girls in the store saying that they fit me and they would stretch almost two sizes.  I just thought it'd be better to order the larger size and try them just to be certain I got the right pair.  Umm hello, if I'm spending that much on jeans, they better be perfect. 

So this is the conversation with Kevin on my way back to work:

Me:  I tried on jeans at the X. X. store today.  I liked the ones I had on but felt better ordering the larger size (that they didn't have in stock) because I think they will be best.

Kevin:  Yeah, I guess it would be best to go from a size 2 to a 4 since the holidays are coming up.

Me:  (Laughing hysterically) Thank you for thinking I'm a 2 or a 4!!!!!  

(PS - he definitely knows I'm not a 2 or 4 but it is so cute that he sometimes believes it enough to tell me that!) 

On Monday, Suz was in town from Raleigh visiting her grandparents.  It was such a treat that I got to split up my work day and meet her for lunch at Charlotte Cafe!   
Yall know how it is to have an old friend.  It is just so great sitting down and talking to them sometime!  Thanks Suz for making time in your busy schedule to catch up!  :)

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  1. I look tired, but it was such a fun lunch! Great to see you & catch up a little bit!