Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week 25 Pregnancy Journal

How far along? 25 weeks

Size of Baby: Cauliflower head ha!  13.5" and 1.5 pounds

Gender: Not finding out!  Kevin really likes this new middle name for the boy but I'm iffy.  

Weight Gain:  I was so excited about that 2 pound gain last week but I'm back down to what I was pre-pregnancy.  AKA I haven't gained any weight.  WEIRD because I definitely look bigger. 

Maternity Clothes: Regular clothes though I don't think some of them look great any more.  Definitely need the baggy shirts.  Things have redistributed!

Nursery:  It's getting painted tomorrow and if they finish we'll hopefully set up the crib this weekend! 

Movement: Yes and he/she is very active in the morning!

Symptoms:  Ribs and I had to take my headache medicine yesterday for the first time in awhile.  I think that was stress. 

Sleep: I cannot wake up in the mornings.  I am TOAST by the end of the day...evidently.  But I'm still trying to ignore my tiredness and continue on.  

Cravings:  I went to Trader Joe's on purpose last weekend for groceries instead of Harris Teeter solely so I wouldn't buy Salt and Vinegar chips.  I have always liked them but eating an entire bag between two weekends should be illegal...but it was done.  And I still didn't gain weight...evidently the baby likes them too and is absorbing them from me?!  Ha!

What I Miss:  Being able to sit for more than 10 minutes without my side killing me...but I will try not to complain because I'm thankful for the feeling at the same time.

Best Moment This Week:  Kevin felt the baby move which was very cool!  The stroller is all set up including the gadgets that go on it.  

Looking Forward To:  The nursery being painted will be a huge step in the right direction and it would be great to get the crib set up too.  Basically I want everything done yesterday and that's not reality.  


Katie said...

So exciting that the crib may go up this weekend! I feel like I will be SO similar to you in the "I want everything done yesterday" sense, considering that's how I am already :)

April of Smidge Of This said...

So much fun that Kevin felt the movement! That's a moment you won't forget :)

Sarah O said...

So exciting to have the nursery painting! I'm totally with you that I wanted everything done so I don't have to worry about it anymore. Go for the chips girl, I went through Pringles like it was my job. (So embarrassing!)

Tess said...

Woohoo! Trucking along girl! Can't wait to see sneak peeks of the nursery!

Rachel said...

So much fun going on! Love that K got to feel the baby. That was a neat milestone for us because it really made J feel like it was real for the first time.

I love chatting strollers. What'd you go with?