Wednesday, March 25, 2015

People are Crazy

I've decided that we are all crazy.  I realize that's a very general statement but people are nuts!

For example:

1.  Everyone hates a particular airline for "that one time they delayed this flight and I missed this and I will NEVER fly them again..."  For the record, people that fly US Air often, as in almost every week, love them.  The people that never fly or only a few times a year are the ones with the most complaints about air travel in general.  Cracks me up.  

2.  Everyone hates a particular insurance company for "that one time they didn't pay out on a claim I filed" (even though the agent told you not to file it).  And now I have to pay more in premium even though I didn't get any money from that claim.  And that's if I even pay my bill.  Because I still expect insurance on my car even if I don't pay my bill for two months.  Kinda like the power company - they turn your power off if you don't pay your bill.  And they don't even call to remind you.  Insurance company's aren't required to call/email/mail you but they will...sometimes they'll remind you 12 times but it's still the agents fault you don't have insurance.  UNREAL.  

3.  Everyone hate a particular cable provider for "that one time that I had to wait 30 minutes on hold to talk to a human and then they hardly spoke English and then they told me they couldn't help and would have to send a technician out."  I'm never using them again.  But really they have no choice but to use them again.  

4.  It drives me absolutely nuts to see people unload their groceries in their car and then put the car in the grass island.  TAKE IT TO THE CART CORRAL or back up to the store where you got it.  I know someone who is handicap who struggles to get to the store in general but she makes sure the cart gets put away properly.  If she can do it, we can all do it.

5.  I travel one road to my office and on this particular road, it goes from 2 lanes to 1 lane and it backs up in the morning.  Everyone knows it.  But people still think their job is more important than everyone else's and will not wait in the same line that everyone else sits in.  They will bypass everyone in the right turn only lane and cut someone off.  Drives me insane.  I do not let these people over...the northern in me comes out and I refuse to let them in front of me.  Then I give them the "jersey hand" when they get behind me!

Gotta love us!  Let's end on a happy note...go compliment or help someone today!


Katie said...

Preach it, sister! I'm with you-- some people just like to take "that one time" and run with it forever! And the grocery carts left in the parking lot drives me CRAZY. I've offered to take a cart if I see an elderly person finishing loading their groceries into their car, or a mom with kids in the car, but how stinking hard is it to otherwise take your cart to the corral? That's what they're there for!

I digress-- and I feel you :)

MCW said...

I am with you on #5. I refuse to let people in as well when they are being asshats. And yes, everyone is a little nuts!

Sarah O said...

Common sense is one of the most un-common things out there unfortunately. I hear about all the crazy things people expect from insurance companies from my husband too and it's unreal. I'm so with you about the shopping cart. Why is it so hard for people to put it back where you found it?!?!

Courtney K. said...

I have to respectfully disagree with your first comment. I fly 200K miles a year, internationally and domestically. I am a loyal US Air customer, and I think the airline in pretty bad shape. I have a dedicated number I can call for reservations and have top priority boarding. The service I receive from them is not even close to what I get from the other major carriers. I don't think it is fair to call out people who do not fly a lot as complainers. Many of my family members fly only once a year, and they are complimentary. If I am being honest, I like that you said we should compliment people, but calling your post "People Are Crazy" was harsh and, quite frankly, judgemental. Just practice what you preach.

Christi said...

Wow, a little off day for you? While I find your title judgmental and rude, I'll chalk it up to having a moment though it does not go along with complimenting people.
Wait until you're spending time in carpool everyday with people who act like the drivers you mentioned. I refer to it as the "me" generation where everybody thinks that they are more important than everybody else and don't need to follow the simple rules making it harder on the other 50 people in carpool pick-up line.

I don't fly often though I have not found an airline I wouldn't fly. Yes, I've been delayed, cancelled and had lost luggage but I guess I just dealt with it and moved on.

As for insurance. I have issues with insurance. Medical, car... My bill is always paid on time and claims (except medical) are extremely rare. But being honest, it has to do with a car accident that I was in (not my fault) and the driver's insurance company told me that I had to take some fault for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. SERIOUSLY! A friend told me that she was told the same thing. But at least I survived the accident though the insurance company commercials make me cringe. :)

And I always (unless a very good reason) return my cart and generally other people's carts to the corral. I like to make sure that cars and people are not being damaged by fly away carts.

I hope your day tomorrow is better. And if you need better reasons to refer to people as crazy there's always a news stories that definitely scream more crazy than what you listed.