Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Grady Updates

I’ve been using the time that Grady has been out of school to work on a few things with him! Like learning his ABC’s. And getting himself dressed. And washing his hands well. 

And learning not to say, “us going to eat dinner”…instead using pronouns properly. It’s kinda cute and I hate to correct him but I have to! 

We are also working on identifying numbers and counting a little higher. Just minor things that he needs to know eventually!

Here he is after completing the alphabet train puzzle! So proud! I have to do these things when Molly Anne isn’t around because it takes all she has to not just step in and do things for him. Hence why we are at this point! She has talked for him his whole life. And now he sticks up for himself and says, “no Molly Anne I was talkin first!” It is pretty funny!

About a month or so ago it finally was time to get rid of his changing table. I was able to give it to a friend of mine which I was so glad about because that was hard to get rid of. Felt like the final baby thing!! 

Then the day after we gave that away, he told me he wanted to stop sitting in the little booster seat at the island in our kitchen for meals. 

This week he won’t eat with toddler forks or spoons anymore. He insists on regular silverware like his Molly Anne has. They both like to set the table for dinner so they discuss this every night ha!

Ahhhh he’s just growing right up! In some ways faster than Molly Anne did and other ways slower. Treasuring every moment. 

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