Friday, September 20, 2019



Our fridge stopped dispensing water all together last week. Evidently all of the new ones have a “safety” on them if they dispense a certain amount of water too many times.  Isn’t it terrible that Jeremy and I have each other’s cell phone number because of this fridge?!!!  It’s had other issues too.  

Grady stopped his prednisone on Tuesday for croup then got sent home by the school nurse on Wednesday about 45 minutes after dropping him off.  Yep, winning mother of the year any day now!!  Honestly I thought he was better than he had been in a week that morning. School nurse heard wheezing.  Took him back to the doc and sure enough, “a little” wheezing. This is different than croup. And a minor ear infection. His second one ever.  So now he has another type of inhaler and amoxicillin so I’m just waiting for his amoxicillin reaction since we are all allergic to it.  Doc wrote a note that he was okay to go back to school that day.  His school says no, you can’t come back until Friday because an antibiotic was started. Ahhhhh.  Honestly, Grady was good. He was back to his old self almost!!  

We had a little date at Original Pancake House while waiting on prescriptions.  I figured if he could go to school per the doc, he could go out to lunch with me! ;)

We picked Molly Anne up that afternoon and enjoyed the nice weather by flying a kite and playing next door with friends. 

Grady hung at Ms. Becky’s Thursday so I could work and he loved being there!  He’s been sleeping well all week.  We had fun playing outside yesterday afternoon.  It was beautiful here. 

He jumped right on this scooter like he was going to ride it. He’s watched Molly Anne so many times!

This 60 second pasta with butter, garlic powder and parmesan cheese is a great dinner for when you need a fast meal for children.  Aka when we are in a rush after work or when we have a babysitter.  Add green beans and a fruit and done.  

Beautiful sunset last night on Mills and my nightly golf cart ride.  

Here’s your psa - use proper nutrition before major exercise exertion.  I had a little episode Tuesday and was thankfully able to unclip so i didn’t fall off the bike.  Was able to get my phone and on the floor. Texted kevin to let him know just in case.  I crawled over to get Gatorade from the fridge and that helped more than water.  Mills of course was instantly by my side.  All was good. I was fine. But eat before you do a peloton workout ok?! 

Happy Weekend.  Taking Grady back for a recheck this morning then work and I have lunch plans with a dear friend.  

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Pia Kelly said...

I have 3 kids, my older two would just get " normal colds" and it would be fine but my daughter has rapid breathing, croup and wheezing basically any single time she gets a cold. We have been to the hospital, several doctors, before figuring out that she has reactive airway disease which is just a fancy term for asthma when sick, under the age of 5 ( she is 2). She is now on budesonide when she is sick, I need to give it to her the moment we see a runny or stuffy nose and keep her on it for at least a week or two after. A few weeks ago was the first time in a year she got a cold that didn't progress into breathing trouble. They actually suggested I keep her on it as a preventative for the entire cold and flu season. They also gave me Flovent inhaler with a spacer but I can't get her to take the regular inhaler so we use the budesonide with a nebulizer